I'm Lukas Masuch

Software Engineer • Tech Enthusiast • Entrepreneur

About me

A small introduction about my self

Lukas Masuch

Software Engineer from Karlsruhe

I'm a passionate software engineer and entrepreneur, excited about cutting-edge technologies. I love to explore disruptive ideas and build stuff that solves real problems. My main areas of interest are: ★ Machine Intelligence ★ Knowledge Graphs ★ Deep Learning ★ Android

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Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at


Java, Python, JavaScript, C/C++, Android, SQL

Big Data

Knowledge Graphs, Recommendation Systems, Data Mining, Semantic Search, Graph Technologies

Natural Language Processing

Neural Embeddings, Seq2Seq Learning, Natural Language Understanding, Language Modeling, Dialog Systems

Machine Learning

Deeplearning4j, Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit Learn, Azure ML Studio, Mallet

Web Development

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, Bootstrap

UI/UX Design

Wireframing, Prototyping, Photoshop

Work Experience

My previous associations


SAP Berlin

Lead Software Engineer - Machine Intelligence
  • Enabling teams at SAP to build smarter applications by using state-of-the-art AI technologies.
  • Combining Natural Language Understanding technologies with Knowledge Graphs to enable intelligent applications.
  • Research focus: Deep Learning for NLP Neural Embeddings (Words, Documents, Graph), Digital Assistants, Knowledge Graphs, Dialog Systems, Question Answering and Recommendation Systems.

SAP Research

Corporate Student - Machine Intelligence
  • Researched on Deep Learning for NLP, Neural Embeddings (Words, Documents, Graph), Digital Assistants, Sequence-to-Sequence Learning, Question Answering and Recommendation Systems.
  • Master Thesis: "Conversational Business Assistant - Concept and Implementation of a Proactive Digital Assistant for the Enterprise" (Grade: 1.0).
Sept, 2014


Corporate Student
  • Studies of Business Information Technology at the Cooperative State University in Karlsruhe.
  • Cooperation with SAP SE.

SAP Research

Research Intern
  • Researched on recommendation systems, Big Data technologies, graph algorithms, data analysis technologies and machine learning.
  • Created and finished the bachelor thesis with the subject “Enterprise Knowledge Graph – Organizing and Distributing Corporate Information”.
  • Gathered valuable experience about the principles of Design Thinking.
  • Collaborated with various internal teams to further integrate the Enterprise Knowledge Graph at SAP.

SAP Labs

Research Intern
  • Researched on graph technologies, data analysis, knowledge graphs, knowledge management solutions and semantic methods.
  • Implemented a framework to aggregate various internal as well as external data sources with different data formats into a graph database in SAP HANA.
  • Proposed the concept of an Enterprise Knowledge Graph and its potential use cases.
  • Gained valuable experience in planning and executing of research projects with a Lean Start-Up Thinking methodology.
  • Created a demo application to visualize and showcase the value of a knowledge graph in the scope of an enterprise for SAP TechEd and other events.
  • Wrote a project thesis with the subject "Enterprise Knowledge Graph - From Big Data to Big Knowledge".


Developer Intern
  • Implemented a native Android application for SAP cFolders, a collaborative information sharing system.
  • Designed the User Interface for an SAP cFolders mobile client using an agile design process.
  • Researched on efficient ways to parallelize the development for an application on Android and iOS.
  • Gained experience in development for mobile platforms within the context of SAP and the corresponding development processes.


Developer Intern
  • Conceptualized and implemented an Integrated Development Environment for SAP ByDesign Partner Development based on the Eclipse IDE.
  • Developed OSGi-plugins to provide various development functionalities, such as Compiler, Debugger, Code Assists, Editor and Project Repository.
  • Gained experience in the Scrum agile development methodology.


What I have done in my academic career


Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences

Master of Science (M.SC.), Computer Science - Human Computer Interaction


Coorperative State University Karslruhe

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Business Information Technology

Sept, 2003
July, 2011

Riemenschneider-Gymnasium Würzburg



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